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Cherry & Sword-Speared Cupcakes & Cake Squares


To coordinate with the pirate-themed treasure chest birthday cake that I made for my niece’s birthday party, I opted for a simple decoration of party swords and maraschino cherries.  The cake squares are made of the center of the treasure chest cake that was cut out and set aside.  The cupcakes and cake squares looked great with the simple and striking combo of red, white and black.


White cake squares

Cupcakes (white cake or chocolate cake)

Buttercream frosting

Black food coloring

Maraschino cherries

Black and red drink/party swords

Ice the cake squares and cupcakes with black and white buttercream frosting.  Poke a sword through the  maraschino cherries and then spear the frosted cupcakes and cake squares.  I used a black sword with the white frosting and a red sword with the black frosting.