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When I started my blog almost a year ago, I never thought that I would be participating in a challenge to discover the next food blog star.  And now, thanks to Foodbuzz, I am one of nearly 2,000 contestants competing for a $10,000 prize.  This first challenge: to define myself as a blogger and make it clear why I have what it takes to be the next food blog star.

To answer those questions, I return to why I started this blog in the first place.  I wanted to share my passion for food with my son and introduce him to the world beyond the “children’s menu.”  Realizing that it is up to my husband and me to expose him to different ingredients, cuisines and cultures, I embarked on the journey that has become itsy bitsy foodies

My blog has become just that: a journey, not a destination.  Through my blog, I continue to learn about foods, meet new people and share my family’s experiences in the kitchen.  I have also discovered my niche for contributing to my local community, hosting cooking classes for kids and helping to make an impact on kids’ and families’ lives. 

All of the recipes on my blog are what my family, including my almost two-year old son, has eaten.  My goal is to feature intriguing and accessible recipes that will resonate with families around the world.  I realize that every child is different, that some kids are pickier than others and that not every meal will be a success.  And yet I believe that if you make the kitchen a warm, inviting, interesting and fun place, chances are that your family will want to sample the foods that you offer.   

My family has thoroughly enjoyed eating all of the food including plants, featured on my blog, and I hope that you and your family will, too!  Here is a re-cap of some of my family’s favorites from the recipe archives and of some of my favorite itsy bitsy foodies moments (so far!):

Pizza Pasta

Pizza Pasta with Homemade Chicken Sausage

{Oh the joy and feeling of accomplishment when your child asks for seconds of pasta loaded with tomatoes and spinach, or homemade chicken sausage stuffed with chopped spinach!}

Homemade Chicken Sausage with Spinach

Homemade Chicken Sausage with Spinach

Homemade Naan & Tikka Masala

Homemade Naan & Tikka Masala

Chicken Tacos with Homemade Corn Tortillas

Chicken Tacos with Homemade Corn Tortillas

Making Guacamole at our Cinco de Mayo Fiesta & Cooking Class

Making Guacamole at our Cinco de Mayo Fiesta & Cooking Class

Treasure Chest Birthday Cake

Baking for my nieces' birthday parties: Treasure Chest Cakes & More!

Cooking with my Nieces

Cooking with my Nieces

Lentil Dal with Homemade Naan

First Foodbuzz Top 9: Lentil Dal with Homemade Naan

Foodbuzz 24x24: Tapas For a Cure

Hosting Foodbuzz 24x24: Tapas For a Cure

I look forward to many more memorable itsy bitsy foodies moments!  Thank you to all who follow my blog for your support and feedback.  I truly cherish your comments.  And thank you to all who give me inspiration in the kitchen.

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13 Responses to “Project Food Blog: Ready, Set, Blog!”

  1. Liren says:

    Kelsey, I couldn’t agree more with introducing little ones to the “world beyond the children’s menu.” There are many, many times that I cringe when we travel and my children are offered menus that are lacking the good homecooked sensibility that we want for them. I love how you chronicle your family food on your blog – I know my kids would be happy to eat any of your recipes!! Good luck!!!

  2. Ashlee says:

    Thank you for sharing your life. I am really enjoying reading all of these post. Check mine out when you get a chance and let me know what you think.

  3. Elaine says:

    What a great opportunity for you Kelsey. I’ve loved following your blog and trying lots of your recipes. I love your theme about different foods from around the world and think it will really set you apart. Best of luck!! Keep us posted.

  4. That’s a great philosophy to food, I have a two year old too and came to blogging for exactly the same reasons. I love the look of some of these recipes, I’m looking forward to reading more. Good luck in the competition.

  5. kelsey says:

    Thanks, Elaine!

  6. kelsey says:

    Thanks, Liren. Good luck to you, too!

  7. kelsey says:

    Thanks, Ashlee. Good luck in PFB!

  8. Great post! Very heartfelt, and I love all of your photos. I voted for you! =)

    Good luck!

    Check out my PFB post: http://www.foodbuzz.com/project_food_blog/challenges/1/view/503

  9. kelsey says:

    Thanks, Jacob! Good luck to you, too! You got my vote.

  10. I love the profile picture you have in the vote for me badge – so cute! Good luck with PFB! I voted for you.
    If you’d like to check out my post – it’s here: http://bit.ly/9JXLNL

  11. Lindsay says:

    Wow that looks amazing!! I just gave you a vote! You can check out my entry here: http://tinyurl.com/2ec2hlq Thanks and Good Luck!

  12. Jean says:

    You got my vote! 🙂 Beautiful post.

  13. Steph says:

    I love your Tapas For a Cure. What a great idea to spread awareness. Best of luck in the competition, I know you are going to go far.

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