Spiderman Cake

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1 Goofy Cake, preferably baked in a blue 8×8 pan

1 batch of Buttercream frosting, colored red and blue

Bake the Goofy Cake and let it cool.  Ice the cake with red buttercream frosting.  Add a dash of milk to the blue frosting to make it a tiny bit runnier than the red frosting.  Drizzle it in concentric circles (or a spiral) on top of the red frosting, starting at the center of the cake.  Drag a toothpick in a straight line from the center of the spiral to the outside of the cake.  Repeat this procedure six or seven times, evenly spaced around the spiral.  This will creat the effect of a spider web.

I topped the center of the cake with a large Spiderman candle.

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