Earth Day Edible Garden Treat

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Edible Garden Treat: Oreo Dirt, Gummi Worms and Flower Pops

Edible Garden Treat: Oreo Dirt, Gummi Worms and Flower Pops

Celebrate Earth Day with flower pots filled with ice cream {or chocolate pudding}, covered with Oreo dirt, Gummy worms and flower cookie pops.  Then, re-use the flower pot to plant seeds and watch them grow!

I remember having a similar treat when I was a kid using chocolate pudding, Oreo cookie dirt, and a few Gummy worms.  I have since used ice cream, however, chocolate pudding works well if you are making them in advance for a party or a class because the pudding doesn’t melt.

Edible Garden Treat: Oreo Dirt, Gummi Worms and Flower Pops

With my boys we started with an art project and they each painted a flower pot.  Once the paint had dried we then lined the pot with a waxed paper “bowl” and scooped ice cream topped with Oreo cookies inside.  Gummy worms and {flower} cookie pops were an extra touch.  I have done both sugar cookie pops {decorated with homemade sugar sprinkles made with natural food dyes} and Oreo cookie with marshmallow petals.  Options for the flower portion abound, including cake pops shaped like flowers.

Planting Seeds

The fun of using a real flower pot is that once you have enjoyed your ice cream treat you can fill the pot with real soil and plant seeds to watch them grow.  And once inspired by this simple flower pot, our one pot quickly turned into a vegetable garden in our backyard.

Earth Day: Edible Dirt, Worms & Flower Pots
Recipe type: Dessert
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Serves: 1+
Celebrate Earth Day with an edible garden treat of ice cream, Oreo cookie dirt, Gummy worms and flower cookie pops.
  • Flower pot or bowl
  • Ice cream or chocolate pudding
  • Oreo cookies, crumbled
  • Gummi worms
  • Flower sugar cookie pops
  1. If using a flower pot, line the inside with a waxed paper "bowl" to hold the ice cream.
  2. Scoop ice cream into the pot and top with Oreo cookie crumbles.
  3. Hide a couple of Gummy worms in the "dirt" of each pot.
  4. If desired, place 1-2 flower cookie pops into the dirt.
  5. Once the treats have been finished, fill the pot with real dirt and plant your seeds of choice.


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