Cinco de Mayo Fiesta & Cooking Class

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Itsy Bitsy Foodies partnered with Kid Time Discovery Experience in Medford, Oregon to host a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta & Cooking Class this past Saturday.  Over twenty chefs and their parents attended the party.  Our agenda for the day: making guacamole, corn tortillasflour tortillas, chicken fajitas and Mexican flag sugar cookies.

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta & Cooking Class 

To start, our chefs munched on an Edible Landscape

Edible Landscape 

Homemade guacamole, green bell peppers, sour cream, refried beans and red salsa made the Mexican flag.

Edible Landscape Mexican Flag

Tortilla chips, carrot sticks, and yellow and red bell peppers depicted the sun.

Edible Landscape Sun

The tables were set with individual guacamole stations (each with half of an avocado and cups of previously-measured ingredients) where each chef made their own guacamole.

Tables Set With Individual Guacamole Stations

Guacamole Station

Our guest chefs were extremely focused and intent on making the best homemade guacamole ever!

Making Guacamole

Making Guacamole

Making Guacamole

We learned a little bit about guacamole, salsa verde, tomatillos, cilantro and some of the other key ingredients.

Learning About Guacamole, Salsa Verde, Tomatillos & More!

Our chefs were encouraged to taste their guacamole along the way to ensure that it was seasoned “just right.”

Enjoying Homemade Guacamole

They discovered that carrot sticks and julienned bell peppers make yummy (and healthy) dipping “chips” for guacamole and salsa.

Enjoying Veggies & Guacamole

Next on the agenda, our guest chefs made flour and corn tortillas.

Making Flour Tortillas

Making Flour Tortillas

After making tortillas, each chef created their meal at the fajita buffet station.

Fajita Buffet

Then, it was piñata time!

Piñata Time

To wrap up the fiesta, our guest chefs decorated Mexican flag sugar cookies at the cookie decorating station.

Decorating Sugar Cookies

Mexican Flag Sugar Cookie Decorating Station

A Mexican Flag Sugar Cookie Creation

Thank you to the guest chefs and their parents, Kid Time and all of the volunteers who helped make this such a fun fiesta!

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4 Responses to “Cinco de Mayo Fiesta & Cooking Class”

  1. Chef Dennis says:

    great job with your class…it looks like everyone had a wonderful time!!

  2. Sharon says:

    My boys had a lot of fun! Thanks for the opportunity, we’re looking forward to the next one!

  3. kelsey says:

    Sharon, I’m so glad your boys had fun! Hopefully we can get another class on the calendar soon.

  4. Cherie says:

    It appears a wonderful time was had by all! Great job, Kelsey!

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