Train 1st Birthday Party

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Train 1st Birthday Party Dessert Table

Train Birthday Party Invitation

The first year flew by even faster the second time around.  We celebrated with Trains.  I loved the combo of red, white and blues with a simple train icon.  My train cake took center stage but I had fun rounding out the spread with other red, white and blue goodies.

Train Birthday Cake

I filled the train cars with chocolate-dipped pretzels, train chocolates and heart “animal” cookies, all done in the same red, white and blue chocolate with sprinkles.

Train Birthday Cake

I didn’t have a mini train cookie cutter that I liked so I used hearts for the “animal” cookies instead.

Homemade "Animal" Cookies

An edible train landscape was a fun way to present veggies and hummus to all of the kiddos.

Train Edible Landscape

Strawberry shortcake shooters were an easy crowd-pleaser.  {Thanks to my niece *Marz* for assembling them!!}

Strawberry Shortcake Shooters

The birthday boy methodically took apart his personal train cake.  The raspberry linzer cookie wheels were by far his favorite!

Train Birthday Cake

Guests chose between two layer cakes: chocolate with vanilla buttercream frosting and banana with cream cheese frostingWhite-chocolate dipped strawberries {with red, white and blue sprinkles} and raspberry thumbprint cookies rounded out the treat display.

Train 1st Birthday Party Dessert Table

Party favors were raspberry and strawberry freezer jam for making train toast.

Freezer Jam Party Favors

Freezer Jam Party Favors

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